A Tale of East Hampton

The story of big flower


Big Flower is a love story; it's a story of family, a story about a place, and most of all, a story about how life’s moments shape and bind us.

My twin sister and I were adopted from Ukraine in the early 90's and transplanted to this amazing place called East Hampton. I was in awe of the beauty, the sunny beaches, and the tree-canopied streets, and I was particularly drawn to the fields of sunflowers that seemed to be everywhere. It was this wonder that drove me to speak my first English words, “big flower." 

“Big Flower” soon became part of our family lexicon, and in 1994 my dad named his company Big Flower Press. My mom designed its sunflower logo, which immediately adorned bags, cups, t-shirts, you name it. We practically lived in these shirts all summer and I loved seeing how they united our friends and family.

Since my parents’ passing, these shirts and the words “Big Flower” have come to symbolize the amazing memories we shared, particularly the feeling of warmth and comfort that I found in East Hampton, knowing it was a place to relax and spend time with the people I loved. 

Now, many years later, I’m returning to my roots in East Hampton to start a family of my own with the love of my life, Stacy. It is here, in this place of joy, that the next generation of our Big Flower family will flourish. 

Big Flower will instill the warmth and familiarity of the weekend into everything we create… designed with love, our clothing gives you that feeling of weekend comfort, every day, and a taste of the Hamptons, all year round. 


— Greg Ammon
      Founder & Designer